The main benefits of video poker trainer

How to use video poker trainer?

To play poker successfully is important to have practice. Experience in a game for real money can be expensive. There is a way out – free video poker trainer with the help of special programs simulating real game situations.

Equity Battle – video poker strategy trainer

This program is provided to school users by a third-party developer for free. The simulator is constantly being improved and replenished with functions, however – its main task is to teach the player to determine equity.

The following options will be available:

  • Equity training with increasing difficulty for Hold’em and Omaha;
  • Online game with real rivals;
  • Participation in user ratings.

This poker simulator is made in a rather pleasant and colorful version. The application can be installed on smartphone! Thanks to the use of the Equity Battle simulator, the player will learn how to accurately determine equity on all trading streets.

Equilab – video poker trainer app

Actually, the main function of the Equilab application is Equity analysis on various trading streets. The player can calculate all possible scenarios for a specific game situation or range of cards. This tool can be used to analyze the played distribution in order to compare the real expectations and the decision made.

The analysis will show how correct the actions were. Using the application simultaneously with an open poker client is dangerous and is not welcomed by many poker rooms! Here the player can try deuces wild or jacks or better.

ICM Trainer – tournament poker training

This poker simulator is recommended for those who prefer a tournament game. It will allow to learn how to play successfully in the later stages of a tournament, when the blinds are high and it is more difficult for a poker player to make decisions, since any mistake can ruin his stack.

The application can work in two modes:

  • Training mode – the player is offered a variety of game situations. Having estimated the size of blinds, stacks, position, the player should choose the optimal solution. In the event of an error, the program will report this and offer the correct option.
  • Calculation mode – the work is done on the basis of a poker calculator. The player set the parameters of the situation, and the program analyzes it and shows the optimal solution in this situation. This feature attracts some beginners who are trying to use the app to get hints in a real game. This is possible, but dangerous, again – because of the risk of blocking an account in a poker room!

How is video poker different from regular poker?

First of all, it is a kind of slot machine. Just with atypical for slots game mechanics. The regular version is more interesting because it allows you to constantly learn new strategies, communicate with people, exchange experiences. Not to mention the various tournaments regularly held in the clubs. That’s why playing video poker is entertainment, while the classic version is sport and mathematics.

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