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A slot machine is a special machine that has many varieties, but works on the same principle. It is the goal of the game in the collection for a certain period of time of such combinations for which the rules of the slot provide for the payment of winnings.

Interface and Gameplay Slots

If the first slots were mechanical, then today’s are a computer having a special random number generator. In front of the player is a screen with a drum on which different symbols are applied. As a rule, there are several drums – from 3 to 5, and the symbols on them display a certain theme.

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Design and active buttons of gaming slots

The slot contains a scoreboard with different information (one or more): on the status of the account, bonuses received, etc., as well as the control buttons.

Most often, inscriptions on slot machines are in English, so it does not hurt to get acquainted with the main ones. This is just a small list. Jackpot magic slots facebows are popular and in demand today due to their advantages.

Symbols in slots

  • Play or Spin – a button that rotates the reels.
  • Coins or Bet Per Line – a bet button that determines the number of coins placed on one line. You can select the desired rate by repeatedly pressing the button, after which credits are added, which are displayed on the corresponding scoreboard.
  • Line Bet or Select Lines – button to select the required number of paylines. Each press of the button increases the number by one. Upon reaching the maximum quantity, the next press starts the countdown from the beginning, from one line.
  • Max Bet – a button that sets the maximum bid with one click.
  • Denomination – a button that sets the value of one loan (its value).
  • Help or Paytable – a button that displays the game rules and a table of your payments on the monitor.
  • Gamble or Double – a button that activates an additional round of the game (not related to the main one), which allows an attempt to increase your winnings. This button will work only after receiving a win for the combination. Facebook jackpot magic slots are very popular today.
  • Hold – a button that activates to stop the drum, against which this button is located.

The first rule of the game is to invest certain funds in the machine.

How to play on slots

The rules of the game in slot machines include jackpots, payouts and bonuses. The variety of winning combinations is great, so it is difficult to consider each of them. You can try to conduct a generalized analysis of the varieties.

Bonus symbols – receiving them means the beginning of the bonus game, which includes free spins, various prizes, the appearance of special jokers and more. Jackpot magic Facebook slots allows you to have fun.

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